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An all juice based cleanse that is designed for a full body detox. This cleanse will give your body a do-over, encouraging organ cleansing and repair.


The Original cleanse kit includes cold pressed juices that will replace your meals over a three day period in order to help boost nutrients and give your body a reset.

The OG Juice Cleanse

SKU: 0006
  • Per Day:

    2 x Glow Cold Pressed Juice 300ml

    2 x Flu Fighter Pressed Juice 300ml

    2 x Detox Cold Pressed Juice 300ml

    2 x Pineapple & Apple Cold Pressed Juice 300ml

    1 x Coconut Water 300ml

  • Cleanses can only be returned if the quality of the product is not of the Nutripick Quality Standard which requires our product to be tasty & fresh. 

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